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Want To Know Why And How We Do It?


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Best NGO in Bhopal

Following a lifecycle strategy, True Sage Foundation, the best NGO in Bhopal, works intensively by focusing welfare outlines in four significant areas – primary education for poor children of rural areas, healthcare for families, food for all, and social engagement by women empowerment. So far, we at True Sage Foundation (TSF) have been able to impact education in rural areas by establishing more than 122 Ekal Vidyalaya in Madhya Pradesh

Our Impact

  • Plastic

    Say no to Plastic

    Plastic Free India

    in Bhopal

    True Sage Foundation started inititative #SayNoToPlastic on 21.02.2020, Mahashivratri, in main temples of Bhopal and guided people related harm caused by polythene to our mother earth, also exchanged plastic polythene with a non-woven bag which is environmentally friendly.

    Help us to collect:

    Hand Sanitizer

    Hand Sanitizer Distribution

    True Sage Foundation distributed Hand Sanitizers in various areas so that people can be safe from Corona Virus


    Food & Hygine

    Feeding the Hungry

    in Bhopal

    True Sage Foundation distributed Food in various areas so that people can be feed them'selves in Pandamic.


    Free Education

    Free Education

    in Bhopal & Indore

    True Sage Foundation is willing to and giving free education to children from slum areas.

  • Er. Sanjeev Agrawal Er. Sanjeev Agrawal, Patron

    As a member of the society, it’s our responsibility to help each. We have to change the ongoing environment and make it empowering and encouraging. We are sure that with the help of sincere fellows we will make a big difference in our society.

  • Mrs Kiran Agrawal Mrs. Kiran Agrawal, Chairperson

    The fastest route towards the nation building is through education. With True Sage Foundation we are coming forth with ways for the betterment of the society as well as the underprivileged.

  • Mr Amod Mathur Mr. Amod Mathur, Vice Chairman

    True Sage Foundation has been working for empowerment of cultural and educational development in weaker and underprivileged sections specially in areas where still schools don't exist in the large scale. We aid in children education for a better India.

  • Mr Manoj Ayachit Mr. Manoj Ayachit, Vice Chairman

    We know the role of education in nation building thus we pledge to strengthen the educational forefront via our various educational drives. We want to innovate and educate people for a brighter tomorrow.

  • Ms Megha Agrawal Mrs. Megha Agrawal, Secretory

    True Safe Foundation is a non-profit organization whose only purpose is to spread the light of knowledge all over. We want to bring a change and push illiteracy away, making our countrymen educated and skilled enough to earn well.

  • Ms Shivani Agrawal Ms. Shivani Agrawal, Member

    Our mission is to strengthen the downtrodden with literacy. We are helping the needy in all walks of life for their as well as our upliftment as a nation.

  • Ms Sakshi Agrawal Ms. Sakshi Agrawal, Member

    Uplifting and empowering the needy and underprivileged is what India needs! At TSF we are helping the deprived class of our society to empower our nation with the power of education.

Recent News

Our Welfare Projects

Hand-Sanitizer Distribution

Distributed hand sanitizers in underprivileged areas for their safety in pandemic time.

Food Packet Distribution

In needy situations, we come forward to feed people with the best quality food.

Say No to Plastic

Spreading awareness of plastic hazards and ask people to say no plastic, use cloth bags.

Traffic Rules Awareness

Organizing different events for traffic rules awareness for maintaining road safety .


122+ Ekal Vidhyalayas are running to educate underprivileged children of rural areas.

Women Empowerment

Encourage and motivate women to stand on their feet and work to uplift our society by all means.